The Schumpeters offer fast prototyping and company building for corporates to challenge established business models.
New ideas fueled by digital technology and the execution speed of start ups are challenging established business models. Successful companies will deliberately adapt to that ever changing environment and shape the process of creative destruction rather then being its victims.

Who we are

The Schumpeters, a group of serial entrepreneurs, apply their digital expertise and experience in company building to disrupt establish business models by lifting innovation outside your organizational boundaries.

We believe in

Decentralizing innovation

We believe that radical innovation can hardly grow inside complex organizations and their organizational boundaries. Execution speed is achieved through small heterogenous teams that can take off the lenses of a self serving organization.

Listening to the market

We believe that testing and iterating digital prototypes is the most effective way to understand how to build disruptive services and products.

Real entrepreneurs

We believe that digital innovation does not come from consultants, but from entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations who have experience in identifying, testing and building great ideas into successful business models.